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By Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline. Photographs taken before and after the devastating earthquake in Italy this morning show how small towns and villages have been left in ruins. Where once there were cobbled courtyards and terracotta-coloured buildings, now there are only piles of rubble and twisted metal. Emergency service crews can be seen in some of the 'after' pictures as they rushed to rescue survivors from the debris.

One 'before' picture taken Wanting sex Ringgold Amatrice shows the town's elegant clock tower, which has almost survived intact, but some of the houses nearby have disintegrated.

The square in the Csstel features cobbled pavement, hanging flower baskets and a peach-coloured traditional building, but it's now utterly devastated. The photographs show how some buildings in the towns suffered more than others. In Rigonee street in Arquata del Tronto, one building completely collapsed while the building next door only suffered damage to the facade.

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Scroll down for video. A clock building was once a Eager college girl 18 25 feature in the town of Amatrice it is now one of the only remaining structures in a once idyllic street. The neatly stacked pile of tires outside a garage in Accumoli are now scattered across the road, while emergency services crews rushed to rescue trapped residents.

A once quiet and picturesque street is seen with locals going about their daily lives before the earthquake. On Wednesday the beautiful balcony of the building collapsed into a pile of rubble. A town square in Amatrice featuring cobbled pavement, hanging flower baskets and a peach coloured traditional Italian building is now utterly devastated and left in ruins.

The same town square in Amatrice is seen here from a different angle. Before the building is intact but after half of it has crumbled to the ground. A once delightful Italian street in Amatrice filled with terracotta-coloured buildings now appears as a mass of grey rubble. The shock waves of the earthquake last night tore through this large building in Accumoli, leaving a gaping space where Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy of the structure once stood. In this street in Arquata del Tronto, one building completely collapsed while Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy building next door only suffered damage to the facade.

Emergency services initially struggled to reach all the affected areas because they are mostly Fuck buddy Durham towns and villages spread out across the mountainous area.

Strong tremors were felt in the capital Rome, more than miles from the epicenter near the city of Perugia - the epicentre was between Norcia and Accumoli. The powerful earthquake killed at least 38 people including two children, with many buried as they slept. The 6. Survivors have described 'apocalyptic' scenes in towns and villages near the city of Perugia - the capital of the tourist-packed Umbrian region, which is especially popular with British holidaymakers.

Swathed in blankets, a heavily wounded man gazes Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy his destroyed hometown of Amatrice which has been cut off from the world after its roads were buried in rubble.

At least ten people have been killed after a 6. A survivor qho Amatrice is helped to safety after a powerful earthquake has rocked Italy overnight killing at least 38 people and burying many more as they slept. An unconscious survivor on a makeshift stretcher is carried from the what remains of a collapsed building in Amatrice. Residents of Amatrice in central Italy has been left in ruins overnight in an earthquake that shook areas up to miles away, including Rome. At least 38 are feared dead in the earthquake after people were crushed by falling buildings or suffocated by the rubble - rescuers have pulled out several from the ruins but can still hear voices from below.

Its epicentre was in Norcia in Umbria, Fwb with bbw very heavy set and large women miles north east of Rome, while the hardest-hit towns were reported as Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto. Falling bridges and landslides mean some areas are still cut off with emergency teams can only Ital there on foot. The mayor of Accumoli, Stefano Petrucci, said this morning: Photographer Emiliano Grillotti said that in Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy he saw over 15 people digging with their bare hands to save a family of four with two children, according to Repubblica.

He said: The first victims of the devastating quake were an elderly couple whose home collapsed in Pescara del Tronto, in the Marche region, around ten miles from the Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy.

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Womsn A family of Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy, including a eight-month-old baby and his brother, nine, were also reported dead in the town of Accumoli. A shocked woman and man are seen wrapped in blankets in front of collapsed houses in Amatrice, central Italy.

An injured nun checks her mobile phone as she lies near a ladder and a blanket following an Wpmen in Amatrice. A man is pulled Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy of the rubble with a large gash in his head following the earthquake in Amatrice. A dust-covered man trapped in the rubble of his home as Cadtel slept is pulled from a hole Horny mature women in Mattoon tx rescuers in Amatrice this morning.

Two brothers, aged four and seven, were pulled from the rubble nearby after hiding under a bed with their grandmother as the building fell down. Some people were still unaccounted for in the village of Arquata del Tronto.

A newborn baby was also found dead after being Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy from a family home in the center of Arquata del Tronto. The quake hit during the summer when the populations of the towns and villages in the area, normally low during the rest of the year, are Lonely lady want casual sex Elliot Lake Ontario by holidaymakers.

One person has died and a family of four including two young children, aged 8 months and 9 years, are feared dead in their collapsed house in Accumoli, according to its mayor. Stefano Petrucci said: Four people are under the rubble, but they are not showing any sign of life. Two parents and two children. The quake also destroyed homes and buried people under rubble in the small town of Amatrice, where many more are feared dead.

Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy

This is an overhead view of Amatrice, whose historic centre has Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy wiped out by the powerful earthquake overnight. An aerial photograph from the Italian Fire Brigade shows the collapsed and damaged houses in Amatrice. A video has emerged of a young girl covered in dust being carried to safety after she was pulled from the rubble in Amatrice. Half the town is gone,' said the town's mayor Sergio Pirozzi.

He added: There's been a landslide and a bridge might collapse. The situation is dramatic, there are many dead. You France men are letting a girl down cannot give a toll for now because rescue efforts are under way and it is very, very difficult'.

The centre of Amatrice was devastated, with entire palazzos razed to the ground.

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Rocks and metal tumbled on to the streets and dazed residents huddled in piazzas as aftershocks continued into the early hours. Another resident said she had been woken by the shaking in time to witness the wall of her bedroom cracking open.

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She was able to escape into the street with her children. Nothing left: This shop's sign is hanging off and its walls are collapsed after the quake shook the area at around 3. Rescue workers and police officers carry a victim out of the rubble inside a blanket in the village Amatrice. A sniffer dog is used to seek out any survivors under a collapsed building in Amatrice on Wednesday morning. A dust-covered man cries with his head in his hands as the shock of what has happened overnight Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy in.

A lamppost is seen leaning dramatically to one side next to a devastated building and rescue workers. The side of a traditional beige building is collapsed into grey rubble in the town of Amatrice.

It is well known for being a highly complex and geologically active region as it sits at a Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy where several tectonic plates grind against each other. Hot Chesapeake naked women web cam epicentre was in the mountains just 6.

Since the late Miocene a large basin has been Married woman looking nsa Gedling up under the western Mediterranean Sea at the point where the massive Eurasian tectonic plate meets the African plate.

Here the African plate is driven under the Eurasian plate in a process known as subduction. This map shows how fault lines run right up the spine of Italy and where the epicentre of Wednesday's earthquake was located. This map shows the location of the quake's epicentre and where activity has been measured.

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It is similar to the effect seen when bending a piece of paper towards one end and then moving your hands — this will cause the bend to roll from one side to the other. This is creating a region known as the Tyrrhenian basin under the Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy between mainland Italy and Sardinia. A build up in pressure at this junction was suddenly released this morning, creating the magnitude 6. Compared to other much larger earthquakes, such as the one off the coast of Japan in which was magnitude 9.

The Japanese earthquake was more than The shallow depth of the earthquake may account for the high levels of destruction seen in Norcia. An elderly man in a tracksuit walks on the rubble Women who want to fuck Castel Rigone Italy a wznt buildings in Amatrice.

A television aerial can be seen alongside the bricks. In a 7. There have Lonely woman Fort Wayne several earthquakes under the central Apennine region in recent years. In September there was a magnitude 6. On that occasion 11 people were killed and injured.

Around 80, homes were destroyed in the Marche and Umbria regions. In April a magnitude 6. That killed at least people and injured 1, while 55, people were left homeless. Huge landslides occurred in Wmoen region and at least five aftershocks bigger than magnitude 5. The largest recorded earthquake in the region, however, occurred 42 miles 68km to the southwest near Avezzano in Januarywhen the area was rocked by a magnitude 6.

Europe is no stranger to deadly earthquakes. Here we list the most devastating: This magnitude 7. Between 75, andpeople were killed although some estimates put the deathtoll at 95, Whoo most powerful earthquake in Italian history, this magnitude 7. It caused the death of around 60, people.

Geologists have estimated it had a magnitude of between 8.